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Accounting & Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is an accounting function that does not need to be performed on-site; it can be performed efficiently off-site (virtually) which saves business owners tons of money since they do not incur the expenses that they would if they hired an employee to perform the duties on-site; as a subcontractor we would not be paid any employee benefits such as healthcare coverage, IRA/Pension employer contributions, sick pay, vacation pay etc. 

Also, you will not have to pay employer payroll taxes since we will not be your employee. All you would need to do is either email, fax, or scan your documents to a file where we can retrieve them & give us the permissions to connect to your accounting software account.   As we retrieve your information, Tax Terri Bookkeeping and Tax Service staff will post your transactions & perform all other bookkeeping related tasks as if our staff were sitting at a desk in your office and provide you with the financial statements you need to make crucial decisions. It’s a win-win proposition for both of us. 

Your Taxes, Simplified


Our goal is to help everyone get the largest tax refund they can by properly filing W2s, 1099s, 1098 forms, and ensuring compliance with the Affordable Care Act, Earned Income Credit, and more. Our system allows you to move quickly from one year to the next and get the maximum refund each year. You'll enjoy the private, one-on-one experience, and you'll know that, to us, you're a person and not just a number. Competitive rates ensure you receive the best service at the best price, and everything is done quickly, ensuring a prompt response from the IRS.   We  verify that our tax professionals are kept up to date with new tax laws.

Your Business is Ours

I offer tax  and bookkeeping service in all of California. I also love doing Tax Resolutions!  If you have received a letter or notice from the Internal Revenue Service or the CA Franchise Tax Board give me a call, I have helped others in your situation lower their tax liability and have gotten some of them refunds when the tax authority says they owe thousands of dollars!  I work hard and long hours when you need me—even after tax season. So let me tackle your most pressing financial issue.


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